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Build something distinctive to display your cannabis product.


Your product’s package must persuade consumers to choose it.  The effective retail package taps deeply into their senses of sight and touch:

  • Package shape and color work like a magnet to attract shoppers.

  • Package construction speaks of substance and value.

  • Package substrate and coating convey a special feel of luxury.




With help from our color and materials experts, your package can promise a rich experience, so that the consumers’ satisfaction begins even before they purchase your product.



Cannabis packaging should fit well in the retail store.



While it stands out on the shelf, your product must fit in too.  A well-planned package creates a welcome experience for the retailer throughout your product’s life in the store:

  • Engineered intelligently to make compliance trouble-free.

  • Versatile and easy to place - on shelf, hook or display case.

  • Durable and attractive at every stage, from unpacking to restocking.

We apply 30 years of expertise to ensure that your product is always on the shelf and ready to be purchased.


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Put your cannabis product in a distinctive and beautiful package at a reasonable cost.


Often, the best package is made from several components: outer box, inner padding and special wrapper.  The local hub of a global company, Emerald City Graphics keeps your packaging supply chain agile and economical:

  • We perform needed services locally or globally for best results.

  • We source components to flow into production just in time.

  • We engineer efficiency into every stage of the packaging process.

At each step of custom manufacturing we steer clear of errors and delays, and deliver your assembled packages ready for your product.




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