Posted by Katrina Minton-Davis ● Sep 5, 2018 4:26:44 PM

Hot Topic: Sustainability


How you package your beverage says a lot about your company. When it comes to sustainability, paper-based can carriers are a no-brainer.

Consumers prefer to buy products from companies that respect and protect the environment. As a beverage company, you make manufacturing and packaging choices accordingly. What you may not know is that the humble, printed can carrier is one of the most environmentally responsible decisions you can make.

Aluminum cans are one of the most sustainable products on the planet. They are fully recyclable, and the metal reclaimed from recycling constitutes the major component of “new” cans. However, when it comes to keeping those cans together on the shelf, the environmental story is less clear. Consider the following:

  • CanCarrierC_ringsPlastic rings are technically recyclable but usually end up in a landfill. There, they not only last for centuries but they also represent a direct threat to wildlife, curious pets, and marine life. Most consumers would prefer not to add to the growing mass of hazardous plastic on our lands and in our oceans.
  • Today’s domestic paper mills manage all their fiber sources responsibly, whether it’s made from virgin or post-consumer fiber sources, paper-based packaging is sustainable and beneficial to the environment.
  • Inks and coatings are another important factor when creating functional and attractive can carriers. At Emerald City Graphics, you have choices of eco-friendly inks and coatings to maintain your environmentally-sound packaging supply chain.
  • Finally, like aluminum cans, paperboard can carriers are easily recyclable. No other packaging product for canned beverage distribution has such a pro-environment lifecycle.

Whether you’re a small microbrewery or a huge beverage conglomerate, environmental safety and sustainability are both positive messaging and great business practices. How you package your beverage says a lot about who you are—and why your customers pick you over the competition.

Reach out to your Emerald City Graphics representative to explore ways printed can carriers can be practical, good for the planet, and good for your business.


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