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How to Design a Great Custom Box for the Holidays

Custom holiday boxesProduct packaging for the holiday season must be extraordinary. To stand out, you need a great packaging design (both visual & tactile) for your luxury product.

This is the time of year when savvy consumer product companies are planning for the holiday retail season. It’s especially important with a luxury product—that special gift that beckons from the shelf and has to compete with zillions of other products.

Luxury packaging is an art, and a custom box can be the canvas. Here are some practical tips for creating that irresistible package:

Consumer Products

  • Color sells—and the right color sells more. Attractive packaging design starts with the right choice of color. Humans respond to beauty, and our eyes are especially attuned to the subtle influence of color.
    Of course, it helps if the color you imagine during the design is the color that actually prints! That’s why our manufacturing team uses color science rather than color guesswork.
  • Sometimes, you need a special color. Printing uses four process colors—cyan, magenta, yellow and black—but often you need a custom color to give your box that extra pop. At Emerald City Graphics, we do that with Pantone color inks. (Augustina de la Plaza’s insightful 2017 blog is one worth bookmarking on that subject.)

    Luxury packaging
  • Bright, shiny objects are the secret to getting shoppers’ attention—and there is a LOT of competition on that front during the holidays. Fortunately, metallic inks, foil stamping, and varnish effects can make luxury packaging look—well—luxurious. As a designer, you need to know how to use these elements wisely.  Marketers can learn more about capitalizing on this moment at the shelf, as part of the buying journey in our blog series about the retail moments of truth.

    Luxury packaging embossed
  • The sense of touch is the secret to engaging a customer’s feelings. Human beings are wired to respond to physical touch. In fact, consumers are strongly influenced by the look and feel of packaging when making purchase decisions. (For future reading, here’s another great blog on that subject.) One of the ways you can make your luxury product stand out is by making it feel luxurious.

    There are several ways to do this. A well-designed custom box can be embossed (raised lettering or artwork) or it can be debossed (recessed). It can also be given a velvet-like finish, or any number of paper textures that will make the customer want to hold it—and of course buy it for a loved one.

    Weight and durability of packaging
  • Weight and construction matter. Nothing says quality quite like a box that feels substantial—not flimsy. This has to do with the weight and thickness of the paper, but also how well it is constructed. A great box is one that the customer (or gift recipient) will want to hang onto long after the product is used.

All these design factors require planning, and a partner who understands the mechanics—and will get out of your way while you create the next great gift box. At Emerald City Graphics, we work with packaging designers to do just that.

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