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Retail Moments of Truth, Part 1

Retail Moments of Truth - Packaging Design

“Packaging affords us many opportunities... packaging design can take your consumers from disappointment to delight.” (Brand Packaging Magazine)

Proctor & Gamble first introduced the retail Moments of Truth (MOT) concept in 2005. In a nutshell, these moments describe not only what happens when a consumer chooses a product on a store shelf, but also what happens before and after the purchase—each step a process in generating brand loyalty. Today, of course, MOTs include a consumer’s online behavior as well.

Retail Moments of Truth diagram

To win consumers’ hearts, you must pay attention to where they are, what they’re doing, and who they’re talking to, at each step of the journey. Effective retail packaging invites consumers to make brand decisions at distinct Moments of Truth.

With good package design, you can create an adventure across the entire experience with your brand. In this EMERALD REPORT series, you will learn how great packaging illuminates the Moments of Truth for successful brands.


The Retail Moments of Truth

You’ll explore each MOT in detail later on. For now, here’s the summary:

The Stimulus Moment or Trigger MOT – At the Stimulus Moment, shoppers first become aware of your product through advertising or other marketing. In Part 2, you’ll see how packaging can stimulate your future customers to feel special, and to begin a great journey through all of the Moments of Truth.

The Zero Moment of Truth or Search MOT – The “ZMOT” is the critical moment between stimulus and shelf, when shoppers search for and start learning about your product. In Part 3, you’ll see how packaging can help us smooth the entire path to the retail shelf, and create satisfaction with your product even before it’s purchased.

The First Moment of Truth or Shelf MOT – The “FMOT” is the moment when shoppers first see your product and learn enough about it to make a purchase decision. In Part 4, you’ll learn how packaging can use tractor beams, little billboards, and a touch of magic to connect with your buyers’ emotions and invite them to choose your product.

The Second Moment of Truth or Experience MOT – The “SMOT” is often a series of critical moments defining how retailers and consumers experience your product after choosing it. In Part 5, you’ll find out how packaging can help them become fans, and keep your brand at center stage from its retail placement all the way through to its consumption.

The Ultimate Moment of Truth or Sharing MOT - The “UMOT” is the passion-driven moment when consumers share their personal experiences with your product - for better or worse.  This powerful Sharing MOT often becomes the next consumer’s ZMOT. In Part 6, you’ll see how packaging can start a love affair with your best customers, inspire them to become brand advocates and introduce your product to a new wave of consumers.

Then, by using the EMERALD PACKAGE PLANNER, you can create the package that inspires and satisfies your customer at each MOT.


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