Posted by Catherine McGavin ● Nov 21, 2017 12:01:00 AM

Retail Moments of Truth, Part 2

Retail Moment of Truth - Stimulus Moment of Truth

“Packaging has evolved into being one of the most important promotional tools. We have packaging at the center of e-commerce, retail and social media.” (Mike Ferrari, in

The Stimulus Moment of Truth triggers your customer to begin thinking about purchasing. To succeed at this Retail Moment of Truth you must speak to all the outcomes that are important to your customer.

Three levels of a product.Core Product: The benefits of the product that make it valuable to its consumer. The core product is the story that consumers tell themselves about how your product fits in their lives.  Good package graphics inspire this brand story with the promise of a great experience.

Actual Product: The tangible physical product and its properties; the object to be purchased and consumed. Package materials and structure make the first physical connection with the consumer.  An integral part of the actual product, the package emphasizes your promise of quality with its look and feel.

Augmented Product: Additions to the product that deliver personal benefits, such as services, premiums, or accessories. With the augmented product, you tailor your physical product to meet the needs of individuals, and invite consumers to discover just-right benefits.  A remarkable package plays a leading role as your product’s most prominent accessory.

With the EMERALD PACKAGE PLANNER, you can set up a hardworking package to deliver your product at all three levels!

An Extraordinary Example

By setting the right stage at the Stimulus Moment, Coca Cola started its customers on a rewarding journey through all of the Moments of Truth – and enjoyed a broad increase in brand loyalty and revenue. Coca Cola designed an extraordinary Stimulus MOT with its 2015 promotion featuring one-of-a-kind bottle labels for Diet Coke.  Right on the product container, using a special manufacturing process to print 2 million different label designs, Coke delivered a powerful core message to its customers: "Each one of us is unique!”

Coke used its augmented product to make customers “feel extraordinary each time they drink a Diet Coke.”  Billboards and broadcast ads—no two alike—contributed to the Stimulus Moment with the promise of a unique experience.  Shoppers at the retail point of sale received branded t-shirts and phone cases printed to match their unique bottles.  Consumers responded by taking the promotion viral; they enjoyed purchasing, collecting, sharing, and even reselling these unique packages.


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