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Create Success on the Retail Shelf

Check out all 5 sections:

1. Be Relevant and Noticed

2. Red Shoes Sell Black Shoes at Nordstrom

3. GOOP Improves Revenues at Lowe's

4. Starfish - No Competition at Whole Foods

5. Fixins - Wing-Man to Millions of Chickens


Today's Feature in Emerald Report:

Be Relevant & Noticed: Reality and Opportunity on the Retail Shelf

Posted by Catherine McGavin on Mar 10, 2016 8:00:00 AM

“The biggest challenge... is being RELEVANT and NOTICED.

It's hard to convince retailers that your product is

In this 5-part video series, Anton Kimball discusses packaging strategies that help marketers create success when selling their products in retail stores.


Product buying decisions are made by retailers first.

In Today’s Feature, packaging designer Anton Kimball reminds us that our first audience is the retailer, who provides consumers with access to our product.  We must convince the buyer who controls these purse strings that our product is Singular and Necessary:

  • with retail packaging that shows off its unique qualities and distinctive features,
  • by demonstrating how our product can help increase revenue across the store.

For the store’s major decision makers, our product must deliver quick results in order to create success on the retail shelf.


Good shelf presence drives retail store revenue in many ways.

Throughout this 5-part series, Anton reveals surprising truths about consumer behavior, and how well-designed retail packaging works hard:

  • to change why consumers buy a product,
  • to change how consumers purchase other products around it.

Smart product owners deploy their retail packaging with precision.  These singular packages improve retail revenues by sharing influence with complimentary products. Together they create success on the retail shelf.

Watch the video to learn more from Anton on this idea.

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