A Sweet Partnership:

“The team at Emerald City Graphics always goes beyond my expectations. They’re great to work with. Their boxes are beautiful, consistent, and ready to go. If my distributors run out of product, Emerald City is always there to bail me out.”

(Mike Seely, President, Seely Mint)

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Boxes With Shelf-Appeal

Retail packaging can mean the difference between success and failure for your baked goods, chocolates and other confections.

Our team works with your designers and brand managers for the greatest impact on the store shelf.

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Designed for Your Business

Custom retail packaging for baked goods and confections must meet tough standards for safe and efficient packing and delivery. Each box must keep your sweet treats whole—from the manufacturing line to your customer's table.

Our structural design experts work directly with your co-packers and retail partners to lower fulfillment costs and provide a great consumer experience.

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Making Your Brand Memorable

Shoppers spend only seconds making their choice from among countless other brands. The packaging must be as memorable as the sweet creation it holds.

We know how to make a beautiful, custom box—one that will make your confections brand memorable, and build long-term customer loyalty.

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From the Store To You

Your baked goods and chocolates have to survive the journey from the store to your home or event—and look great when they get there! Give your yummy treats a great ride.

From simple and reliable “baker’s boxes” to fancy displays and carriers, we’ll work with you to create the right mix of brand impact, reliability, and customer convenience.

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Chocolates and confections are a treat. Their packaging should elicit the same delight as the gift inside.



The packaging design for your sweets must stand out from competition on the shelf.



Everything about your packaging must appeal to the consumer—and win their hearts.

We’ll help you find sweet success!

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