Mixed Media

Not all print projects are simple. Often, they include complex, customized enclosures, tabs, labels, and related items like DVDs and other inserts. All must be contained in an attractive and practical package, and delivered, intact, to the right people. Whether it’s instructional or promotional, a complex media package is a challenge that few printers have mastered.

Emerald City Graphics knows how to create and deliver complicated media kits efficiently. We work with your program leads and designers to create just the right combination of materials—and deliver it on time and on budget.

An Audience of One?

Personalized print is our specialty. Whether it’s a simple name imprint or a complex, multi-part marketing kit, getting the right information delivered to the right individual is no small task.

The Emerald City Graphics team knows how to handle data correctly and securely, and to create truly customized, one-to-one print campaigns.

Emerald City Graphics Makes It Look Easy

Making It Look Easy

Complexity can become prohibitively expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. At Emerald City Graphics, we know how to print, combine, and deliver complex kits—even on an individual basis—at an affordable cost.

Contact your Emerald City Graphics representative today. We’ll help you connect with your audience with well-produced educational and knowledge-intensive materials that really matter.

We’ll solve your most challenging print puzzles!

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