Show Your True Self:

The packaging and countertop display for Alaffia skin and hair products stand out on the shelf, and provide a showcase for Alaffia’s message of giving back. It gives consumers a strong incentive to choose.


cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic Packaging

When beauty is your business, your product packaging has to be beautiful. Each box must represent your brand well, and beckon to the passing shopper.

Our team has what it takes to create folding cartons and other premium packaging that is both attractive and practical.

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soap packaging

Soaps & More

Producers of fine soaps and skin care products need to draw shoppers to their unique offerings. On the crowded retail shelf, a beautiful, well-designed box can make all the difference.

Whether you’re selling soaps in a big chain retailer or a specialty boutique—or both—our team will halp you create the right box for the situation.

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perfume packaging

Perfume On Display

Perfumes and colognes are by definition personal and intimate. Their custom packaging should convey that intimacy, and make the connection with each customer.

With our unique perfume packaging solutions, you can display a powerful, personal message.

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product packaging

Wellness Products

Packaging requirements are demanding for supplements and other health-related products. Boxes must be attractive, informative, and practical.

Our structural designers know how to put all the elements together to make the perfect box.

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Customers spend only seconds making in-store purchase decisions. Our product packaging will help you get their attention.


The Right Image

Your health and beauty products have real consumer value. The right custom boxes will get your message across.



Make your products a lasting part of your customer’s “moment of truth” with our unique packaging solutions.

We’ll bring out your product’s inner beauty.

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