folding cartons chocolate packaging

An Invitation to Buy

Seattle Chocolates president Jean Thomson pronounced, “packages are our best little billboards.” With themed messages, iconic shapes and vibrant colors, Seattle Chocolates packages are eye-grabbers that earn prime shelf spots in grocery aisles and boutique displays.

They bring the brand into consumers’ homes, where they live on as keepsakes and escape the recycling bin—even after the contents have been consumed.

Good product packaging sends a clear message: “This product is special!” When it comes to folding cartons, we know the language of shelf-promotion.

folding cartons candle packaging

Communicating Value

The Essenza brand story is one of care and fine quality, brought to life in luxurious skincare products, handcrafted home goods, and more. To hold the Essenza Luxury Fragrance Candle, a simple folding carton, printed in rich colors and embossed in silver, conveys the elegance of an Essenza experience.

The package is economical to make, but still fulfills its role as brand ambassador, communicating the value of its fine contents.

Good packaging design makes all the difference when it comes to consumer value. We work with your designers to help them create packages that are both attractive and practical.

custom boxes product packaging

Providing a Great Experience

For its “try-on before buying” eyeglass frames, Rivet and Sway needed a branded shipping and display carton that would go the distance without damaging its contents. It had to deliver a custom selection of demo eyeglasses, provide a satisfying unboxing and personal home trial, and enable its consumer to easily rebox the frames for return to Rivet and Sway.

Zip-opening this divided box reveals a gorgeous interior. After selecting a favorite style, the consumer simply drops the sleeved frames back into their protected slots, secures the box lid with its adhesive strip and hands it to a courier for its return trip. An easy in-home trial with no shipping hassles wins hearts—and orders—in a very personal buying experience.

From the packing line to the customer’s home, folding cartons keep products safe and whole throughout a lasting brand experience.

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