emerald report - a publication of emerald city graphics

At Emerald City Graphics, we know that in retail packaging, good design and good planning matter.  Our customers, designers, supply chain partners, materials and production specialists all contribute expertise that makes retail packaging successful.  To share these stories, insights and best practices, we have created a new publication.

Emerald Reports Issue 1
Emerald Reports Issue 2

Hello Colleagues,
Welcome to EMERALD REPORT! In each issue, our publication will feature a closer look at the planning, engineering and fabrication elements that go into a successful retail packaging strategy. From across our industry, design and manufacturing experts will share their knowledge on:

  • Retail Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Structural Design
  • Intelligent Substrates
  • Inks and Coatings
  • and other elements of smart retail packaging

EMERALD REPORT brings you the packaging knowledge you need to deliver a great consumer experience.  Enjoy – we look forward to your feedback!

Best Regards,

Travis Mullen-Ballis

Travis Mullen-Ballis
Emerald City Graphics