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More than a Box

Building on its English heritage, Kent & Curwen is a global standard for instinctively wearable clothes, inviting men around the world to mix sportswear with formal suits. “It is that sense of modern life blended with a shared history that defines Kent & Curwen today,” says Daniel Kearns, creative director.

The rich box that delivers today’s Kent & Curwen cricket sweater speaks of that brand durability, with its embossed silver K&C insignia and solid structure. Its owner is invited to save this emblem of proud heritage, perhaps in order to pass the cricket sweater on to a future generation.

A premium package makes a statement and creates an enduring brand image. It is also designed for long-term use—and re-use. Customers will want to keep it for a long time, assuring your brand a prominent place inside the home.

premium packaging luxury packaging

A Bold Brand Statement

Sam Villa equips professional hairstylists with essential tools made to exacting standards and built for a lifetime of use. The Artist Series Shear is the “ultimate expression of quality, ergonomics and value.” While its sculpted handles and contoured blades are designed for comfort and control, they also make the newest Sam Villa Shear a beautiful instrument.

To showcase the product, we worked with the client to present it in a rich black rigid case, complete with hinged lid, magnetic closure and a bright silver embossed brand. It’s a fitting enclosure for this work of art.

Premium packaging showcases your finest and most beautiful products, and delivers an unboxing experience worthy of their quality.

premium packaging luxury packaging

A Visceral Connection

Consumers who enjoy holding a product in their hands will also enjoy purchasing it. To make its perfume irresistible on the retail shelf, House of Matriarch Perfumery puts it into a package that begs to be touched.

Building on rich colors dusted with a subtle geometric pattern, this exotic case captivates the shopper who holds it; an elegant velvet-like surface and embossed, shiny copper badge make it tactile as well as bright.

With Matriarch Perfumes, this customer can give that special someone a treasure, and make unboxing part of an exotic, sensual experience.

Like the product it contains, a premium box looks and feels luxurious.

Let us help create that very special box.

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