Retail Packaging


Your product’s package shows consumers how to experience its value.  It is the hardest working member of your marketing team, a simple container that can do so much more.

Emerald City Graphics helps the makers of unique products design and build distinctive consumer experiences with packaging.  We build the container for your product that invites consumers to choose it, share it, recommend and purchase it.  

Emerald City Graphics creates the product that protects your product.  Whether you are developing a new concept or redesigning a current one, let us take a fresh look at your packaging and help you create a great consumer experience.

Structural Design

Structural Design - The Emerald City Graphics Structural Design Team guides your packaging design and development at every stage.  We craft customized packaging solutions to fit your company, products and brand.

Folding cartons

Folding cartons - Secure and beautiful packaging solutions for all industries, folding cartons are a diverse, economic, and attractive packaging option. Cartons are available in paperboard and litho laminated corrugate options.

Rigid Setup Cartons

Rigid Setup Cartons - Emerald City Graphics Setup Cartons are perfect for special or luxury products.  Made from rigid paperboard covered with beautiful paper or cloth, a Setup Carton is a durable container built for varied or repeated use.  Custom covers and features make the Setup Carton a premium package.