Structural Design

Ecg Structural

Select the Right Materials for Manufacturing:

We offer an assortment of paper-based substrates, ink on paper alternatives, and die cut solutions to help you visualize how your end product will look.  Our team can manage the design of your product or collaborate with your in-house team to blend materials to your exacting specifications.

See It Before You Print it:

Emerald City Graphics specializes in the creation of rapid product prototypes which help you visualize how your finished product will look before it gets printed.

Ecg Structural

We invite you to collaborate with the Structural Design Team at Emerald City Graphics.  Our mission is to create the container that delivers your star product in safety and style. Click here to contact us to get started.

The Emerald City Graphics Structural Design Team guides your packaging design and development at every stage.  We craft customized packaging solutions to fit your company, products and brand.

Our research and planning process helps you:

  • Analyze your existing packaging and how it meets your retail customer needs  
  • Understand how you design and manufacture materials to support the ongoing delivery of your packaged goods
  • Align your planning, design, and manufacturing methods for optimal cost efficiencies
  • Recommend a plan for sustainable growth and ongoing support

Ecg Structural

Ecg Structural3