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The Right Setting

Whether your message is long or short, daring or traditional, bold or understated, its printed form will be in the hands of your customers. Their first impression will be controlled by two things. How does it look—and how does it feel?

A big part of a print job’s feel is how the pages are bound. Binding is more than just the practicality of holding the pages together. It tells the reader you’re serious about quality and appearance. It demonstrates that your brand and your message are worth their time. It’s also a chance to feature a key element of that message—prominently displayed on the front or back of a well-designed, well-executed cover.

binding finishing Seattle

So Many Choices; So Little Time

Picking the right binding for your job can be a daunting experience. It not only has to hold the pages together securely, it must also create the right impression. A spiral or ring binder is ideal for certain messages, while perfect or case binding is best for others. Even the lowly saddle stitch, executed well, can influence your reader.

Like the myriad choices of paper, coatings, and finishes, there seem to be far too many binding styles and methods (and variations on those styles) to select from. Each has a cost factor, but also an impact decision that must be weighed carefully.

binging finishing Seattle

A Team Effort

At Emerald City Graphics, our experts know bindery. They will work with your designers and marketers to devise the best possible ways to put your pages together—and make them stand out to the reader. When combined with high-quality color printing, our binding expertise will give your brand the image it deserves.

Think of binding as the stage, and your printed message as the star. We’ll help you get that standing ovation.

Contact your Emerald City Graphics representative today. We’ll let you see (and feel) how well a great binding choice will enhance the impact of your message.

Great printing deserves a great finish!

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