Anton Kimball PDS Event

Creating Shelf Esteem to Win at Retail

Portland based Anton Kimball is a passionate retail packaging expert. Not only is he one of the best packaging designers around, he’s also an expert at explaining the value of design to a buyer and giving them logical and financial arguments for product placement. Anton understands the buyer’s objectives and the customer’s sales goals. He’s a master at translating those goals into affective shelf presence resulting in product sales that exceed expectations. Anton shares many examples of his work along with success stories of how he works to get product placed even in the “big box” stores.


Anton introduces himself and talks about his background in packaging design. 

Measurable Goals

Anton discusses how he begins to work with a client to establish goals around the packaging process. Usually it is a revenue goal and the packaging needs to help achieve that.


Anton discusses the work he did for Eugene based glue manufacturer GOOP to update their packaging AND store placement strategy.

New products on the shelf

Anton describes developing packaging for new products and then building store buyer presentations that include placement or pairings.

The 2% Notion

Anton describes the 2% increase that eye-catching packaging can have on sales of all products in a category.