Shoppers are in your store for a reason: to find and purchase the items they need. In-store signage is your first line of marketing communication with anyone who walks through your doors.  With an assortment of engaging graphics you can create a unique shopping experience that guides individuals to the products they want.   

From POP displays, end caps, and shelf signage, to window clings, floor decals, and labels, Emerald City Graphics provides a robust vocabulary for speaking to your shoppers in their own language. Much like any good marketing campaign well placed, customized signage will help your customers discover a wider selection of products that will improve their lives.


Your future customers are always on the go—outdoors, on foot, or on the road. With well produced Transit graphics, you can reach an audience of thousands in a matter of minutes.

By turning your fleet of trucks, or company van in to a moving advertisement, you can multiply the reach of your marketing campaign. Whether you need a full window-perf bus wrap, a vinyl decal for your van, or a slew of bumper stickers to hand out to your employees and customers, Emerald City Graphics can make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. 

Events and Environmental

Creating an immersive experience is key to putting on a successful event. Whether you are designing a display for a museum, a booth for a fair, or signage for a festival, Emerald City Graphics can help you create the visual cues that will engage their senses, and help them navigate their surroundings.

With visual touch-points that strategically draw attendees to different areas throughout your event, you can optimize their experience, and ensure that your goals for the event are met. From Kiosks, floor stands, and banners, to traveling exhibits, and outdoor displays, ECG has the resources to make your visions a reality.

Out of Home

As we walk down the street we are always consuming visual information, whether we notice or not. Signs communicate on all levels—literal and subliminal—letting people know where to find the products they need. Good signage connects with people where they are and carries a simple, attractive, and informative message.

Emerald City Graphics has the practical expertise to make your content part of people’s day-to-day lives. We produce the best, full-color signage for your business—on time and on budget. Our design and production experts can help you turn your promotional ideas into compelling, durable, and affordable visual “invitations” to engage with your business.

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